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Jan 30, 2014

Farm Update Q/A:

Are we really closing for the season on Sunday at 5PM? We are.

Hours for sales until then? Th and Fri 11 - 6, Sat and Sun 11 - 5

One more batch of Grampa Tony's unpasteurized cider to press on Friday. Should you order some? We would. How about cider donuts? Should you order? We would.

Any apple crisps available? Yes, Party, Family and Mini sizes recently made.

Apple pies? None left.

Crisp apples available? Fuji, Braeburn, Granny Smith, Empire and Winesap. Assorted Thirds as well.

Will we have some apples, cider, cider donuts or apple crisps left over after Sunday? Please email us next Monday to inquire.

What will we be doing to take care of the trees in the off season? Visit our website for Facebook photos and updates until the next harvest.

Are we grateful for all the encouragement and support we received from our customers this season? Absolutely!!!!

Hope to see you soon,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers

Jan 24, 2014

As you read this, do you have the feeling that you have heard this news before? Can it be news if you did read it awhile ago?

Well, as the old song goes, "Will you miss us when we're gone?" (or at least closed for the season). More importantly, will you miss crisp apples, Grampa Tony's unpasteurized cider, cider donuts, or Luann's apple crisps in Party, Family and Mini sizes?

We will be closing on Sunday, Feb. 2 at 5 PM.

Batch #17 of Grampa Tony's cider is being pressed today and #18 will be pressed next Thursday or Friday.

Life is full of surprises. We found an absolutely beautiful box of Northern Spy apples behind a stack of other apples in one of our cold storage rooms. They are in fine condition and we hope customers who appreciate that variety will stop by for some.

Other apple varieties for sale are Fuji, Braeburn, Granny Smith, Empire, and Winesap.

Hope to see you at the farm soon,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers

Jan 17, 2014

Isn't it great that the days are getting longer? Closer to next year's crop, we hope!

The topic for today is about watching the calendar.

We know many of you are super fans of the farm, so we need to tell you that we will be closing for the season on Sunday Feb. 2. Hope that gives you enough time to come for apples, freshly pressed Grampa Tony's cider (not pasteurized), cider donuts and Luann's apple crisps.

Do you need to order? It gets very busy near the end of the season..... OK, it gets pretty wild with many people wanting a last taste of the farm. So, yes, it's a good idea to order. You can find an order form on the homepage of our website

Apple varieties available now are Fuji, Braeburn, Empire, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Northern Spy, Winesap and Assorted Thirds. Our 40 lb. boxes of Assorted Thirds for $40.00 have sold very well. We can still make some up with late season apples.

We pressed Batch #16 of Grampa Tony's cider which contains 14 varieties.

Hope to see you at the farm,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers

Jan 10, 2014

It certainly seems like the temperatures have been taking bungee jumping lessons, practicing on trampolines, or bouncing around on pogo sticks!

We here at the farm have been remaining calm in the face of all this, sorting our crisp apples and pressing yet another batch of Grampa Tony's unpasteurized cider.

The trees are not harmed by the low temperatures we have been having. It's just at blossom time that things are precarious.

There will be an end to our season, but it won't be for a few more weeks. We are fully stocked with Luann's frozen unbaked crisps in Party, Family and Mini sizes. If you want an apple pie at this time of year, you would need to order it.

Freshly made cider donuts are being picked up again on Saturdays and permitting. We always have some frozen as well.

Hope to see you at the farm soon,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers

Jan 2, 2014

As the New Year starts, we send you our best wishes for health, prosperity and happiness.

In January we will continue with our regular hours for sales Th and Fri 11 - 6, Sat and Sun 11 - 5.

Apple varieties available now are Cameo, Fuji, Braeburn, Empire, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Winesap and Northern Spy plus, of course, our Assorted Thirds. 40 lb. boxes of Assorted Thirds for $40 are still available. These assortments, made up to order, contain lots of late season, crunchy apples.

It feels good to be able to have enough apples to press cider for several more times. Tom pressed Batch #14 yesterday.

With the uncertain and frigid weather predicted for the coming week-end, we will not be going to pick up fresh cider donuts from the bakery on Saturday. We'll try to get there on Sunday.

We currently have Party size apple Crisps on hand and Luann is making more Family and Mini size which will be ready Saturday. These are nice to have tucked away in your freezer as hospitality insurance or for cabin fever munchy sessions.

Stay warm,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers

Dec 28, 2013

We expect to be completely sold out of cider today. We'll be pressing more to have available Thursday, Jan. 2. We'll continue to press cider during January.

Apples available are Cameo, Fuji, Braeburn, Empire, Liberty, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Winesap and Northern Assorted Thirds. We have frozen Party and Family size apple crisps but are temporarily sold out of mini crisps. Fresh cider donuts today and Sunday. Frozen on Th and Fri.

We are back to regular hours for sales Th and Fri 11-6, Sat and Sun 11 - 5.

Hope to see you at the farm soon,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers

Dec 20, 2013

Even though it seems like spring, we are getting closer and closer to Christmas.

Hours for sales this week-end are Sat and Sun 11 - 5.

For Christmas week we'll be open Monday, 11 - 6, Tuesday, Christmas Eve, 11 - 3, not open Christmas Day or Dec. 26, reopening Friday, Dec. 27 for regular hours.

Batch #13 of Grampa Tony's( not pasteurized) cider was pressed on Wednesday. It was made with 19 varieties.

Apples available are Cameo, Fuji, Braeburn, Empire, Granny Smith, Liberty, Northern Spy, Baldwin, Winesap, Cortland, Golden Delicious, Macintosh and Assorted Thirds.

Hope to see you at the farm,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers

Dec10, 2013

Snowflakes are softly covering the farm today ... everything is getting a coating of white, refreshing the landscape.

Our holiday order form is up on our homepage If you need any no sugar, low sugar or gluten free items, please note that in the Comments section. The deadline to order in time for pick-up before Christmas is December 18 at 5 PM. We will have extra items on a first come, first serve basis after that. Of course, you don't need to use the order form. You can just email us what you want saved.

Cider Fans: Please help us by ordering ahead.

Apple varieties available this week are Cameo, Braeburn, Granny Smith, Fuji, Winesap, Baldwin, Northern Spy, Liberty, Empire, Macintosh, Cortland and Golden Delicious. And, of course, our ever-popular Assorted Thirds.

Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers

Nov 28, 2013

At this time, we want to thank you for all the support you have given us throughout the years.  In good times and bad we have appreciated your interest in our farm.

It's not just the purchases for which we are grateful, but the ongoing support and kindness you have shown us.

Hope to see you at the farm again soon...
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers

PS Our regular hours resume Saturday.  Calendar is on our homepage   

Nov 22, 2013

* Hours for Thanksgiving week are Mon, Tues, Wed 11 - 6

* Not open Thanksgiving or Friday, Nov. 29

* Re-opening for regular hours Saturday, Nov 30

"Crispy" is the word for our changing weather and we're not just talking about apples. Remember, we have been open for many years during cold months and will be able to provide a comfortable shopping area for you.

The deadline for Thanksgiving pie orders is Sunday, Nov. 24 at 5 PM. Pies ordered between now and then must be picked up on Tuesday or Wednesday. They won't be able to be made before that. See our online order form at

We have a remarkable amount of apple varieties available so late in the season. One reason is that trees planted to be harvested from mid October and later are really coming into production. Cameo, Fuji and Braeburn are very popular and of course, Granny Smith, our last apple to be picked, is always a favorite. All of our apples are kept in cold storage to maximize quality.

If you're making a pie for Thanksgiving we have Northern Spy, Baldwin, Winesap, Golden Russet, Cortland, Macintosh, and Granny Smith, or you could mix any of those.

Other varieties available are Cameo, Macoun, Jonagold, Empire, Liberty, Fuji, Braeburn, Yellow Newton, Red and Golden Delicious.

Assorted Thirds are selling well to customers who like to make lots of applesauce and pies. The special deal of 40 pounds for $40.00 is continuing. Too large a quantity for you? Think about finding someone to share this opportunity with.

We made Batch #9 of Grampa Tony's unpasteurized cider Wednesday. It contains 19 varieties.  
We'll be making Batch #10 on Monday with our grandson Aidan who will be visiting to help us. Please order your Thanksgiving cider to make sure we have it when you need it.

Hope to see you at the farm soon,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers

Nov 15, 2013

This week we have been picking Granny Smith apples while wearing parkas! That doesn't happen very often, but this year it did. The "Grannies" are safe in cold storage with their friends, comparing notes about life in the orchard.  As we closed the door, we thought we heard the following conversation:

Chorus: Well, here come the Granny Smiths. The harvest for this season must be complete!


Granny Smith: We can take the cold temperatures so we don't ripen until the last. It was kind of funny seeing the farmers picking us with mittens on! We have to catch up on what's been happening. How did the new kids do? Don't see them anywhere....


Chorus:  Oh, the SnowSweets and Shizukas sold out a long time ago. The customers loved them. They took off like rockets!


Macintosh and Cortland: We're the old-timers of the crop. We have to tell you that the Honeycrisps have created quite a stir. Okay, they dominated the sales for quite awhile.


Macouns: (sulking in the corner): They certainly did. People used to ask for us all the time, and now all I hear is, "Do you have Honeycrisp, where are the Honeycrisp?"  Many (not all) of our customers who had been so loyal in the past walked right by and bought those H _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _! They're coming back now that the HC are sold out, so we're a little calmer now.


Heirlooms: What about us? We all showed up this year in great shape. We're here to give Thanksgiving baking a classic taste.


Chorus: Well, that's good for a change. You have a habit of not being too dependable year to year.


Assorted Thirds: It's applesauce time and we are selling really well. Just because we aren't as beautiful or as large as the rest of you doesn't mean we don't have our own fans. Our small size is popular with many customers. We have our rightful place in cold storage and we are holding our stems high!


Granny Smiths:  It's kind of crowded in here. We need a little more room!


Chorus: That's because we have a good crop this year. Hope that the customers know that we're looking forward to going home with them during December                            

* * * * *

If you are looking for crisp apples, we have them! New varieties available starting Saturday this week are Granny Smith, Golden Russet and Stayman. 

Also available now are Macoun, Cameo, Northern Spy, Baldwin, Braeburn, Winesap, Fuji, Yellow Newton, Empire, Jonagold, Cortland, Macintosh, Golden Delicious,

Red Delicious and, of course, our ever popular Assorted Thirds. Forty pounds of Assorted Thirds for $40.00 ... still available.

Should you think about ordering for Thanksgiving? To avoid disappointment, please let us know if we should save something (apples, cider donuts, cider, apple pie, pumpkin pie or apple crisp) for you. You can find our order form on the homepage at www.applebrookfarm, send an email to, call us at (860) 654-1590, or fill out an order form at the farm sales barn.

Cider fans: Please order if you plan to have cider for your Thanksgiving meal. We are making what we hope will be enough, and  don't want to be sold out when you come.

We have a new shipment of Chocolate and Chocolate Walnut fudge. For another tasty treat we also ordered milk chocolate cashew chews (a/k/a turtles.) Of course we had to try them (more than once), and they are delicious!


Hope to see you at the farm soon,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers

Nov 08, 2013

It's time for our yearly Yes update. The answer to all the following questions is Yes:

1. Will you really be open until after Christmas?
2. Can I find the Thanksgiving order form on the homepage of
3. Will Winesap apples be available starting Saturday?
4. Are you selling 40 lbs of Assorted Thirds for $40.00?
5. Can I have those Thirds packed in several plastic bags to make them easier to carry?
6. Are you stocked up on apple pies and apple crisps in 3 sizes?
7. Will the Granny Smith apples be harvested next week?
8. Are the apple varieties available this week Cameo, Winesap, Braeburn, Fuji, Northern Spy, Baldwin, Macoun, Cortland, Empire, Liberty, Jonagold, Rome, Macintosh, Red Delicious and Golden Delicious?

Hope to see you at the farm soon,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers

Nov 01, 2013


Yes, it's a corny title; however we do have some new varieties to tell you about. We picked Fuji and Braeburn this week. Our Gala apples are sold out, so try Fuji if you are searching for a very sweet apple. We will have Baldwin and Northern Spy starting Saturday. They are heirloom types and can look a little rough around the edges but the flavor is certainly there.

It has been fun this year seeing customers trying all sorts of new apples! Both SnowSweet and Shizuka have been very well received. We only wish we still had some but they just flew out of here. There's always next year....

People keep telling us that Grampa Tony's cider (unpasteurized) is tasting better and better. The flavor certainly changes as the season progresses, depending on the apples used in each pressing. Cider freezes well so consider freezing a little as a test. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised that you can preserve cider to drink in the spring or summer months.

It's time to start thinking about placing your order for Thanksgiving items (pies, crisps, cider, cider donuts, cookies). We will have our order form online soon or you can send us an email with what you want. We are short of freezer space this year, so please try to pick up your order as early as you can. That would help a lot.

Deadline for orders is Sunday, November 24 at 5 PM. After that items will be sold on a first-come basis.

It's a quieter and more peaceful time now at the farm. Come enjoy it with us,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers

Oct 24, 2013

This afternoon we saw a heron flying very low over the farm. We hadn't seen one for quite awhile so it was a welcome sight. The beautiful bird seemed to be just fine, cruising along, checking things out.

We began harvesting our Cameo apples this week. Seems to be another winner, crisp and tasty. Of course we still have a plentiful supply of our carefully stored Honeycrisp, Macoun, Shizuka(very small amount), Liberty, Gala, Jonagold, Redcort, Roxbury Russet, Rome, Macintosh, Empire and Jonathan apples. More varieties are still on the trees!

Cider making continues with the pressing of Batch #5 which contains 18 varieties.

Are you wondering how long we will be open for sales of this year's crop? We never really know the answer to that question, but it looks like we may be able to be open into January. We have a plentiful crop stored in our cold storage rooms to preserve freshness and quality.

Hope to see you at the farm soon,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers

PS Did you know that Applebrook Farm is on Twitter? It's the best way to keep in touch in real time with what's going on -- picking schedules, inventory updates, new products, and interesting customer comments. Follow @ApplebrookFarm!

Oct 17, 2013

Now that some of the leaves have fallen, it's easier to see all the beautiful hawks perched in trees. They help us a great deal in controlling mice in the orchard as does Bobby, the neighborhood cat. Mice can be a real problem when they chew on the bark of our trees and roots near the surface.

New apple varieties this week are Rome and Shizuka (available Saturday). Other varieties ready now are Honeycrisp, Macoun, Liberty, Redcort, Gala, Empire, Jonathan, Macintosh, Jonagold, Cortland, Red Delicious and Roxbury Russet. In case you think things are winding down for our crop, we need to tell you that we have 11 more varieties to harvest! We'll be picking until the first week of November! Our apples are kept crisp in our cold storage rooms so you can be assured of freshness and quality.

Due to the large amount of customers who came to the farm after reading the story about us in the Hartford Courant, we ran out of several items. Please be assured that we had Luann make extra pies and crisps for this week. Just a note that there won't be any cookies this week or next week as Luann will be on a well deserved vacation. We'll have cookies again starting Saturday, Nov. 1.

Two housekeeping notes: We accept Master Card, Visa and Discover cards for payment. There is a portable toilet in the alcove behind the tool shed next to our red sales barn.

We made Pressing #4 of Grampa Tony's cider (unpasteurized) which has 18 varieties of apples in it.

Listed below are details of a photo contest being sponsored by CT Apples. You can enter the contest by going to their Facebook page

How do you celebrate Fall with CT Apples?

Picking apples at an orchard with the family, baking, us your pictures!

PLEASE let us know what CT Apples orchard your picture or apples are from!


Show us your favorite CT Apple activity, take a photo and submit it. You can submit as many photos as you like by October 24th. You and everyone else can vote for your favorite entries, and from those we'll pick three winners. Limited to one prize per person. Tell your family and friends to vote! Everyone can vote once a day. You can also submit via Twitter tag #ctapples


The first prize is a bushel of apples and a CT Grown cap and T-shirt! Second and Third prizes are a half-peck of CT Apples , a CT Grown cap and T-shirt.

Hope to see you at the farm soon,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers

Oct 10, 2013

This weekend attention is being paid to Christopher Columbus, who was adventurous. Why not be adventurous and come out to the farm to try new varieties of apples that you have never tasted before? We are picking Empire and Shizuka this week, and will have Honeycrisp, Macoun, Gala, Redcort, Liberty, Jonagold, Cortland, Macintosh, Roxbury Russet, and Red Delicious.

We're on Pressing No. 3 of Grampa Tony's unpasteurized cider. It contains 17 varieties of apples.

Something very unexpected happened a few weeks ago. We were contacted by Mara Lee, a business reporter for The Hartford Courant who wanted to do a story about our farm. It appeared online today and you can read about our loyal customers, which, of course, are all of you!

Another bit of news is that our fudge order from Ye Olde Pepper Candie Company has arrived. We will have pumpkin, chocolate and chocolate walnut fudge for you to enjoy.

Just a note to remind you that we will be open on Columbus Day from 11 - 6.

Hope to see you at the farm soon,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers

Oct 3, 2013

When we were in seventh grade, our teacher, Miss Bushley, taught us many poems which we had to memorize. A certain one comes to mind at this time of year. Each stanza ended with "...October's bright blue weather." See for the whole poem. That certainly has been something to think about during these glorious autumn days. We work outside a great deal of the time and notice the bright blue weather, especially in October.

This week we have a new variety, SnowSweet, to introduce. The trees are producing a small crop after several years of growth. We don't have a lot, so to be fair we may have to limit your purchase to just a few per person. SnowSweet are sweet(of course) and stay white a very long time so they are perfect for dips and salads. Jonagold and Red Delicious are also ready to join our other varieties: Honeycrisp, Macoun, Gala, Redcort, Jonathan, Cortland, Macintosh, Roxbury Russet, Jonamac and Golden Supreme. This will be the last week for Ginger Golds.

The response to our first pressing of Grampa Tony's unpasteurized cider was overwhelming. Thanks to all who were so understanding when we sold it out completely in just over one day. We have pressed more this week. This week's cider contains 16 varieties.

To help you plan your visit to the farm just a note to let you know we will be open Columbus Day 11 -6. We usually aren't open on Mondays but that is a special Monday.

Hope to see you at the farm soon,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers

Sept 29, 2013

Due to the extremely high demand for our first pressing of Grampa Tony's cider yesterday, we expect to be sold out shortly after we open at 11 this morning. We will have more cider on Thursday. There is a good supply of our apples and we will have fresh cider donuts as usual on Sunday. The donuts have been selling out by mid afternoon on Sundays.

Tom and Sharon Muska

Sept 27, 2013

This week has brought a lot of new items for you to enjoy. We made the first pressing of Grampa Tony's cider which will start being sold tomorrow, Saturday, Sept. 28.

New varieties of apples harvested and being sold starting tomorrow, Saturday, Sept. 28. are Macoun (at last!), Liberty (tart Macoun cousin) and Golden Supreme (considered the best tasting Golden Delicious variety).

We also have Honeycrisp, Ginger Gold, Gala, Redcort, Jonathan, Roxbury Russet, Cortland, Macintosh, Jonamac, Spartan and Assorted Thirds.

Honey from hives on our farm was harvested on September 14. The bees have lived here from the middle of July and produced a nice amount of rich, dark honey which will be sold in 8 oz, one pound and two pound jars.

As you move around in your daily environment take some time to notice the natural world. The signs of autumn are developing all around us.

Hope to see you at the farm soon,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers

Hours for Sales Th & Fri 11 - 6, Sat & Sun 11 - 5 Closed Mon, Tues and Wed

Sept 19, 2013

Just back inside after doing the day's final outdoor tasks. Have you seen the harvest moon the past few nights? It is glorious!

More varieties of apples will be available Saturday: Jonathan and Roxbury Russet, one of the favorite heirlooms.

Sorry to say we're sold out of Gravenstein and Greenings with only a small amount of Summer Rambeau left. We have a good supply of Honeycrisp, Gala, Ginger Gold, Redcort, Macintosh, Cortland, Jonamac and the ever popular Assorted Thirds.

We need to say a word about selling frozen donuts on Thursdays and Fridays. They are not leftover donuts! We go to the bakery on Wednesday, one of the days we are closed, pick up the donuts and freeze them as soon as we get back home. We asked Luann to make more apple pies and crisps this week in response to the overwhelming demand from last week. She did and we hope to have whatever you might want.

We're getting closer to cider but not quite yet. We need just the right types of apples to make the taste you remember..........

Hope to see you at the farm soon,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers

Sept 12, 2013

After a very busy weekend full of memories of customers happy to see us have a full crop, it's back (briefly) to hot days! We're open Thursday and Friday 11 – 6, Saturday and Sunday 11 – 5.

The weekend looks to be more apple-like weather. New varieties available starting Thursday will be Cortland and Spartan, in addition to Honeycrisp, Ginger Gold, Macintosh, Gala, Jonamac, and our first heirloom apples, Gravenstein and Summer Rambeau.

Have you seen the farm calendar on our homepage, Hours that we are open for sales are shown on it.

This week there has been a lot of earth-moving activity as we are having the sight line as you exit the farm driveways improved.

Cider fans, we know you want your favorite drink, but we won't have cider until later this month. There just aren't enough varieties available yet to make the delicious blend you have come to expect. We are planning to use Twitter to get out cider info in a timely way. You can read Twitter info on our homepage without signing up for it.

Last weekend, the cider donuts were enthusiastically scooped up by their many fans. We will be selling them frozen on Thursdays and Fridays and freshly made on Saturdays and Sundays.

We're ordering a bigger supply of party, family and mini crisps which Luann makes with our apples. We ran out of them on Sunday. We also will have apple pies. With the current heat spell, turning on the oven doesn't seem that appealing. Cooler weather ahead makes these treats a tasty possibility.

Hope to see you at the farm soon,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers

Sept 6, 2013

When we open for the season tomorrow we will have three more apple varieties for you, Honeycrisp, Redcort and Greening in addition to the previously mentioned, Ginger Gold, Macintosh, Gala, Gravenstein, Jonamac, Summer Rambeau.

Hours for Sales: Sat and Sun 11 - 5, Th and Fri 11 - 6....Closed Mon - Wed.

Looking forward to sharing the beautiful crop with you,
Tom and Sharon

Sept 4, 2013

It is so wonderful to be able to tell you that we have a beautiful crop of apples this year!

When we open for the season this Saturday, we will have at least 7 varieties for sale. You can enjoy Honeycrisp, Ginger Gold, Macintosh, Gala, Jonamac, Summer Rambeau, and our first heirloom apple, Gravenstein.

We'll also have cider donuts and Luann's frozen unbaked pies and crisps made with our apples.

You'll find our September calendar on our homepage,

Grampa Tony's cider will be pressed later when we have enough apple varieties.

We'll continue to send our weekly emails on Wednesday or Thursday during the season.

Hope to see you at the farm soon,
Tom and Sharon Muska

May 15, 2013

At the end of a terrific blossom season (see new photos on homepage at, we have had three scary nights of low temperatures, culminating this morning with 32 degrees, a record low for this date.

In the last three days the respective low temps were 35, 34, and 32.

Blossoms and fruitlets are in danger at 28 degrees, especially when the dew point is low. At that temperature you begin to get losses, especially if it stays at 28 or lower for an hour or more.

All we can say is that our apples look really healthy with no indications that they were hurt by last night's low(est.)

We have heard of losses around the state and can certainly sympathize with our fellow growers.

We're grateful for all our friends who care about us...............
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers

P.S. We are putting farm photos up on Facebook. You can see them by going to our homepage and clicking on the blue Facebook logo. It's a way to see the photos but it doesn't sign you up for Facebook.


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