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Sep 07, 2010
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Sep 16, 2010
Sep 23, 2010
Sep 30, 2010

Oct 07, 2010
Oct 14, 2010
Oct 21, 2010


October 21, 2010

The time has come.............Please note that cider won't be available until Saturday morning.  Almost all of the cider has been pre-ordered so even if you are a longtime good customer, you may not get any if you haven't ordered.  We are very sorry about that, but we have been lucky to make as much as we have! We will be closing for the season on Sunday at 5 PM.

If you have placed an order for baked goods to be picked up on Oct 30-31, please come between 11 AM and 5 PM, just like our regular hours.

Many people have been asking what farm tasks we are going to be doing after we close.  We plan to start a Farm Diary online on the homepage of our website(   This will be a very occasional noting of what happens here off season.......not everything, just the major tasks to give you an idea of how we are taking care of your apples for you. Remember, the buds for next year's crop formed in May/June and we can see what we hope to harvest already!

Once again we thank you for your purchases, your encouragement and your prayers, especially in this very difficult non-harvest season.   

Hope to see you at the farm soon and in September 2011.........
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers 

October 14, 2010

It doesn't seem possible that we are announcing the Closing for the Season info but that's the case.  We will be closing for the season on Sunday, October 24 at 5 PM.  We made Press #4 of Grampa Tony's cider today.  The last pressing (#5) will be available on Saturday, October 23.   Our six year old grandson, Aidan, will be "helping" us on that Friday so we can't predict when the cider will be bottled and ready for the farmstand on Friday.

If you would like to enjoy cider donuts throughout the winter please consider ordering some for freezing.  You can email or call in an order to us at 860 654 1590 before Saturday, October 23.

The deadline for ordering pies, apple crisps and cookies has passed; therefore items will be sold on a first come basis.  

Our pumpkins are still looking good.....nice for decorating and carving.     

Hope to see you at the farm soon, actually really soon.......or we'll be CFTS,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers

PS  If you happen to see Mother Nature, please tell her to stop bothering us!

October 07, 2010

It's getting easier and easier to write these updates because there is less and less to say.  We're calling this our Accordion Season as things are squeezed into 7 weekends for sales.  We will be open for just a few more weeks and tentatively plan to close for the season on Sunday October 24.  It's not our usual schedule but that's how things are this year.  We will be making Press #3 of about 100 gallons on Friday morning (available around 2 PM at the latest).  Is it a good  idea to order cider?  It certainly is!  We sold out the first two presses in just a little over two days and that wasn't because people were individually buying large quantities.  There are just a lot of people who love Grampa Tony's cider and know there won't be much of it this season!

We are just about out of any eating apples to sell and are reserving apples for our frozen unbaked pies and crisps.  End of Season orders must be placed by Tuesday, Oct. 12 and picked up by Halloween.  Yes, we may be open at Halloween only for people to pick up their baked goods........strange as that might seem!

Please refer to the calendar on our website for hours for sales. 

Of course we will have cider donuts for sale every day until we close.  The Baby Bear pumpkins and the Rouge Vif D'Etampes French heirloom pumpkins have been the stars this year.  Regular carving pumpkins are lining up in the field for their ride to the farmstand to await their transformation into scary/funny/beautiful art objects.

Hope to see you at the farm soon,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers

September 30, 2010

Due to a multi hour power outage today which scuttled cider pressing(we use an electric press) we won't have any of Grampa Tony's cider until Saturday.  Sorry for the inconvenience.......Also we won't be getting cider donuts on Friday due to the potential for torrential rain. Cider Donuts will be back for Saturday.  On Friday we'll have  Luann's frozen unbaked apple pies and crisps plus Macintosh and Red Delicious apples.

Thanks to all who have been sending us your End of Season orders.  The deadline for orders is October 12 for pick up by Halloween.  A convenient order form is on our website  Just look for the baby on the homepage.

Hope to see you soon,
Tom and Sharon, Growers and Cider Pressers

PS The Baby Bears are safely in the red sales barn in case you're worried about them!

September 23, 2010

The big news this week is that we will be making the first pressing of Grampa Tony's cider (not pasteurized).  It will be available for sale on Saturday, the 25th. 

Apple variety news isn't so encouraging.  This week-end we will be selling Macintosh, Redcort, Red Delicious and Assorted Thirds.  If you think there are lot of missing varieties, you're right.  We are harvesting sometimes only 10% of a normal crop. We should still be able to make cider to our standards as we are putting the whole harvest of some varieties (sometimes only 5 boxes) into the cider area of our cold storage room. We will have cider donuts and fudge....our longtime favorite treats.  Oh, the newest pumpkin star is Baby Bear.  People just seem to want to pick them up and take them home, they're so cute!

Because of the small crop we will be closing long before Thanksgiving.  If that causes you to panic about pies and crisps, we hope to be able to help out. 

We will start taking orders immediately for holiday items which must be picked up by Halloween this year.  Talk about rushing the holiday season!  It's just that we want to give you early notice that you will have to order early and if you don't have enough freezer space.....please find someone to babysit your pies/crisps for you.  We know that this is very inconvenient but that's unfortunately what things are like this season.  Every year is different and we are hoping for a much improved crop next year!

The freeze didn't damage the trees themselves, so they will be able to produce their beautiful fruit if Mother Nature lets them!

We are so grateful for all the sympathy and kind words you have been expressing.  It does us good to know how important our farm is to you.

Hope to see you at the farm soon,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers

September 16, 2010

First things first!  The first order of fudge has arrived!  We'll be selling our old favorites: Pumpkin, Chocolate and Chocolate Walnut.  Have you checked the calendar on our website to see Hours for Sales?  Also you can access Twitter if you click under the old fashioned telephone.  We'll be sending out messages via Twitter each day before we open telling you what apple varieties are available that day.  We need to do that because we have wildly different amounts of apples depending on where they were in the orchard and what stage of development they were in when the freeze happened.

We'll be opening on Friday with Liberty, Redcort, Jonathan, Macintosh, Cortland and Assorted Thirds.....  cider donuts....  apple pies and crisps made with our apples.  Luann's cookies totally sold out by Saturday afternoon so we doubled our order for this week.  She's making Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal and Molasses.

Pumpkins, pumpkins, we've got lots and lots of pumpkins.   This was a perfect year for pumpkin growing.  We have Rouges vif d'etampes, Charisma, Tom Fox, Baby Bear, plus beautiful daisy gourds. 

Hope to see you at the farm soon,
Tom and Sharon, Growers and Soon to be Cider Pressers(when we get enough varieties).......

September 09, 2010

We're opening for the season tomorrow.  Hours for Sales will be Fridays 11 - 6, Sats & Suns 11-5 Closed Mondays - Thursdays.   

As we have indicated our crop is small.  Apple varieties when we open tomorrow will be Honeycrisp(very limited), Macintosh, Redcort, Wolf River(very tart..small amount), Jonamac, Assorted Thirds.  Because we have such small amounts of Galas and Ginger Golds they will sold in the Assorted Thirds. Yes, some early varieties are missing because they don't have any apples at all.

It's not all bad news!  We will be selling cider donuts (freshly made on Sats and Suns) and Luann's frozen unbaked pies and crisps.  If you are curious about what varieties we will be harvesting, please email and we'll be glad to give you the info.

Hope to see you at the farm soon,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers

September 07, 2010

We're opening for the season this Friday.  

On the morning of May 11 the temp here dropped to 25 degrees and we lost a substantial amount of our developing apple crop.  Because of that our sales hours will be reduced.  Starting Sept. 10  we'll be open Fridays  11 - 6, Saturdays and Sundays 11 - 5 and closed Mondays - Thursdays.   For some apple varieties there is a nearly normal amount and for some others a lot less(or none). 

We are learning Twitter so that we can communicate real time information about what's for sale each day.  The way we plan to do it won't require joining Twitter.  You can log on to to get the info.  Of course you can always email and we'll answer ASAP.  

This has been a difficult year due to the freeze and the drought conditions which show no sign of improving.  However, we will have cider donuts, Luann's frozen unbaked apple pies and crisps, and other goodies.  We plan to start pressing Grampa Tony's cider (unpasteurized) when we harvest enough varieties.

Fortunately this is the year we decided to expand our pumpkin crop.  Pumpkins like hot, dry weather so we have a nice crop for decorating.

The reduction in crop and sales hours is tailored to this year's conditions and hopefully will never happen again. 

Hope to see you at the farm soon,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers  


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