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Nov 10, 2016

Due to our tiny crop, we are sold out of apples.  We will be closing for the season this coming Sunday, Nov. 13 at 5 PM.

Hours for sales until then are Thurs. and Fri. 11 – 6,  Sat. and Sun. 11 – 5.

Our third and last cider pressing for this season is ready for sale.  It will be sold on a one gallon per person basis at a cost of $11.00 per gallon.

We are sold out of apple pies. We have a very limited amount of frozen apple crisps made with our apples for sale.  They are being sold on a first come basis. 

In this year of scarcity we have been blessed by your concern for us and the farm.......

Tom and Sharon Muska
Growers and Cider Pressers

Nov 3, 2016

This is our annual Yes Update. All questions can be answered with YES:

1. Are we sold out of apples for this season? YES

2. If you weren't chosen in the first cider lottery, will we be contacting you soon about when you can pick up your gallon of cider from Pressing #2? YES

3. Is all the cider from Pressing #2 going to be sold to lottery winners? YES

4. Is Pressing #3 (our last pressing for this season) going to be made next week? YES

5. Will the cider from Pressing #3 be sold on a first come basis ... one gallon per person @ $11.00 per gallon? YES

6. Will we have freshly made cider donuts this Saturday and Sunday? YES

7.  Do we have some (not a lot) of frozen unbaked pies and crisps available this week? YES

8.  Are we closing for the season on Sunday, November 13 at 5 PM? YES

9.  Does that mean there are no orders being taken for Thanksgiving? YES

10.  Are we very grateful for your encouragement in this challenging harvest season? YES!

Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers

Oct 26, 2016

Enjoyed being out in the orchard today, actually harvesting some apples! We assured you that more varieties would be ripening and we were able to pick Winesap, Fuji (just a few) and Granny Smith.

We also have some Yellow Newton Pippins. They all come with the disclaimer that there aren't many, but at least we have some apples. Please call (860) 654-1590 for updated availability.

We have asked Luann to make extra apple pies and crisps this week as we keep selling out of them! As you know, we will be closing for the season soon ... well before Thanksgiving. We won't be taking orders for Thanksgiving items this year, so pies and crisps are being sold on a first-come basis.

Our second cider pressing will be made soon. If you signed up for the first drawing and weren't a winner,  your name was automatically entered in the second drawing. Stay tuned for a call and/or an email announcing when that cider will be ready for you to pick up.

The third and final cider pressing for this year will be sold on a first-come basis.

Were you thinking of purchasing our honey as a teacher or office gift ... or maybe to have on hand for yourself? We have a good supply right now but we expect to sell out by the time we close. 

Cider donuts ... fudge ... Baby Bear, Charisma and Rouge D'Etampes pumpkins ... local color and goodies all around us! 

Hope to see you at the farm,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers

P.S. The farm clock is ticking. Are you thinking of ordering cider donuts to freeze for later?

Oct 20, 2016

We are happy to report that our later varieties are ripening! We harvested some Cameos and Braeburns (not a lot), and hope to have at least one more variety soon. Please call our farm phone at (860) 654-1590 for updated apple availability.

The first cider pressing, sold by a lottery drawing, went well. If you signed up but didn't win in the first drawing, your name has been automatically entered for the second drawing. Due to the large number of entries, we will not be accepting any more names for the second pressing. If your name is selected we will notify you by phone or email and you may purchase one gallon for $11.00. We are planning the second pressing for the first week of November. 

Several people have mentioned buying cider donuts to ship as a gift to faraway friends and relatives. If you might want to do this, please order donuts in advance. You can ship them frozen for a very reasonable cost.  They also are very handy for Halloween parties at work as you can purchase freeze them ahead of time.  To avoid disappointment ordering ahead is advised.

Retired apple boxes are for sale @ $10.00 plus tax. They don't just look good for decorating -- they are very practical for storing heavy objects.

Our farm grown pumpkins and gourds are ideal for decorating, carving and baking. Luann is continuing to make frozen, unbaked pies and crisps with our apples.

Thanks again for supporting our farm in bountiful and skimpy years,

Tom and Sharon Muska
Growers and Cider Pressers

Oct 15, 2016

Remember the old song that had a line about "Mama told me there would be days like this?" Well this week-end we have no apples for sale. We'll be picking a few more varieties soon but for now the cupboard is bare.

Tom and Sharon

Oct 14, 2016

Just a few notes on what is happening here at the farm.  It's really getting beautiful with the changing leaves lifting our spirits. 

Hours for Sales: TH and FRI 11 - 6, SAT and SUN 11 - 5 

We made our first pressing of cider on Wednesday which is being sold through a lottery drawing.  The second and last pressing is tentatively scheduled for the first week of November.  By that time we will have harvested the rest of our apples which will be included in that blend. 

If you signed up for the first cider lottery and didn't win,  your name will be automatically entered in the second drawing. There's still time to enter the second lottery by calling us on the farm phone at 860 654 1590 or signing up here at the farm.

This week-end the only variety of apples that we will have for sale are Golden Delicious. We have six more varieties to harvest in small amounts.  You can check availability by calling us at 860 654 1590 or sending us an email. 

We are stocked up with Luann's frozen apple pies and crisps made with our apples.  We also have a new shipment of pumpkin and chocolate walnut honey from hives located on our farm.

We have pumpkins in lots of interesting sizes and shapes for decorating plus New England Pie pumpkins for baking. 

Hope to see you at the farm soon,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers

PS.  We have "retired" wooden apple boxes for sale @ $10.00 (plus tax)

Oct 04, 2016

At last we have some cider news!

In this year of scarcity, we have more cider customers than we have apples for cider this year. So, to be fair to all, we are having a drawing. (Must be 18 or older to sign up).
If your name is selected, we will call you and you may purchase one gallon @ $11.00. We are planning two cider pressings of about 100 gallons each. If you don't win in the first drawing, your name will be automatically entered for the second drawing. 
To enter, you can stop by the farm during sales hours (Thursday and Friday 11 - 6, Saturday and Sunday 11 - 5), or call our farm phone: (860) 654-1590. Leave your name and the best phone number where you can be reached. No email info will be accepted.

If your name is chosen in the first drawing and you do not pick up your cider by the designated time, we will draw another name and put your name into the second drawing.

Given the casual atmosphere of the farm, this sounds very official, but we are trying to fairly manage the small amount of cider we can make. 

Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers and Cider Pressers
Applebrook Farm, 216 East Road, Broad Brook, CT

Sept 21, 2016

Thanks so much for bearing with us during this year of scarcity.

One absolutely bright and we do mean bright spot is our pumpkin and gourd crop.  The plants love heat and sunshine and have produced glorious materials for your fall decorating.  The Rouge d'Etampe pumpkins are the most brilliant orange we've ever seen in our fields and the Daisy Gourds are outstanding as well. 

The Charisma carving pumpkins are coming along... as well as the New England Pie pumpkins for baking and other culinary uses.

So what about the apples?  On Thursday we will have Honeycrisp, Jonamac, Spartan, Redcort (not many)  and Liberty.  Due to our small crop some varieties have been selling out very fast.  Please call our farm info line at 860 654 1590 for updated info about apple availability.

We're stocked up on Luann's frozen unbaked pies and crisps made with our apples.  Honey from on-farm hives is proving to be very popular.

Cider donuts are sold frozen on Thursdays and Fridays and freshly made on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Hope to see you at the farm soon,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers

Sept 16, 2016

Sound familiar?   Apple varieties available now are Honeycrisp, Macintosh, Jonamac, Gravenstein and Assorted Thirds.  Frozen unbaked Apple pies and crisps.  We do have cider donuts and on-farm honey.

Hours for Sales: Th and Fri 11 - 6......Sat and Sun 11 - 5

Tom and Sharon Muska

Sept 15, 2016

Apple varieties available now are Honeycrisp, Macintosh, Jonamac, Gravenstein and Assorted Thirds. No apple pies until later in the week; however we have frozen unbaked apple crisp in 3 sizes.
We do have cider donuts!!

Sept 09, 2016

We're opening for the season tomorrow, Saturday, September 10.  Hours for Sales will be our regular Sat & Sun 11 - 5, Th and Fri 11 - 6. 

Apple varieties available this week-end are Honeycrisp, Macintosh, Jonamac, Gravenstein (very limited), Summer Rambeau (very limited) and Assorted Thirds. You can check on apple availability via our farm phone line or Facebook Posts as things will change often in this skimpy year.

We will have cider donuts, Luann's frozen unbaked pies and crisps made with our apples and Luann's cookies. (This week Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chip and plain Oatmeal.)

Our beekeeper brought honey that her bees produced when they were here during blossom time.  We're selling it in 8 oz., one lb. and 2 lb. jars.

Our pumpkin crop is looking really good but it is not anywhere near ready.

Hope to see you at the farm soon,
Tom and Sharon Muska

PS.  Due to the small crop we weren't able to offer Apple Buyer Cards this year.  If you have any you bought in other years,  you may use them this year.  


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