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Sep 06, 2020
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November 13, 2020 - Farm Update....Closing for the Season this Sunday

The answer to all questions is Yes.
Are we closing for the season this Sunday, Nov. 15 at 5 PM?
Are we sold out of apples and Grampa Tony’s cider for this season?
Is there no limit on how many Family and Mini size apple crisps you can buy?
Are Mini crisps on sale for $3.00 each?
Are cider donuts being sold freshly made on this Saturday but just frozen on this Sunday?

Thanks again for all your encouragement,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers

November 10, 2020 - Farm Update....Closing for the Season Sun., Nov. 15 at 5 PM

Yes, it’s time for us to close for this unusual but amazing farm season.  All of you were so good about coming out to the farm to find whatever apples we were able to harvest and turn into cider and frozen baked goods.  And, of course, the cider donuts were  stars as usual.

We are open this week Th and Fri 12-6, Sat and Sun 11-5.

So what is there for you to buy if we are sold out of apples and cider for this year? 
We have frozen cider donuts and frozen unbaked  crisps in Family and Mini sizes. Our crisps are wonderful as a treat you can bake for yourself.....or give to someone (baked or unbaked) to brighten their day.

Freshly made cider donuts on Saturday; however on Sunday we will have frozen cider donuts only.

Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers
Applebrook Farm

October 22, 2020 - Farm Update......Cider Friday

Pressing #1 of Grampa Tony’s non pasteurized cider will be available for sale starting tomorrow, Friday, October 23.  This blend contains 12 varieties.  To be fair to all, there is a limit of 1 Gallon or 2 half Gallons for this pressing.  

We have had more frozen unbaked apple crisps made in Family and Mini sizes.  

Freshly made cider donuts will be available on Sat and Sun plus frozen donuts to stock your freezer.

We still have a couple of varieties left to pick but for now look on our website for the Facebook posts with updated apple availability.

September 16, 2020 - Farm Update......Things to Know!

This has been a strange year for sure. We hope and pray that this update finds you and your family healthy and getting through the effects of the pandemic as well as possible. 
We are opening for the Season on this coming Saturday.  Hours for Sales will be Sat and Sun 11 - 5......Th and Fri 12 - 6.
We accept payment by cash, Mastercard, Visa or check.(If you are paying cash, please bring small bills if possible).

You will notice some changes this year . Our apples will be on display in the open air pavilion located behind our house. 
There is No Parking in the farm driveway.  Please Enter via the driveway nearest to the parking field and Exit from the  driveway where our mailbox is.  We will not have a portable toilet this year.

Apples available when we open for the season on Saturday are Honeycrisp, Redcort, Gala, Jonamac, Macintosh, Cortland and very small amounts of Gravenstein, Ginger Gold and Summer Rambeau.

We will have freshly made cider donuts on Saturdays and Sundays and  frozen cider donuts on Thursdays and Fridays.  We hope to be making some cider later in the season. 

Hope to see you at the farm soon,
Tom and Sharon Muska, Growers

September 6, 2020 - Farm Update - Opening!

We are writing to let you know we will be opening for the season on Saturday, Sept. 19.  

We will begin our regular farm updates closer to opening day.

Tom and Sharon Muska






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