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August 1, 2019 - Farm Update Midsummer Notes

Several people have inquired about how things are going at the farm.  We are very grateful for the questions about how we personally are doing and happy to report that we are healthy and able to do the physical work that the farm demands.

One of the greatest benefits of this lifestyle is that we work outdoors. At this time of year our working companions are birds of many types, butterflies, rabbits, wildflowers, beautiful cloud formations, sunrises and sunsets….

We often tell you "We're taking good care of your apples"  and that is exactly what we have been doing!

Much time has been devoted to pruning our approximately 1350 apple trees.  Pruning has been referred to as "capturing sunshine." Apple trees grow very well in our  fertile CT River Valley soil.  Some (OK, a lot) of our trees needed significant  "haircuts."  Removal of the branches allows more air and sunlight to flow through the trees. Pruning is done both in winter when the trees are dormant and in summer when the excess foliage can be clearly seen and removed.

One of the other benefits to you of pruning apple trees is that it creates very fragrant and hard firewood.

We will be selling our firewood in the fall plus interesting branches for crafting projects.

The bees have done their amazing job of pollination both during apple blossom time and now using summer wildflowers such as Goldenrod and Milkweed(which the Monarch butterflies also depend on as well).

Planting buckwheat is our next task so that the bees will have blossoms to forage during early fall. 

This year's crop is really beautiful.  Apples are developing on all of our 37 varieties so you can still enjoy  your favorites plus have the opportunity to try new varieties.

We are planning to open for the season on Saturday Sept. 14. 

Hope to see you at the farm in September,

Tom and Sharon Muska
Growers and Cider Pressers
Applebrook Farm, 216 East Road, Broad Brook CT

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