We have a small crop due to various weather factors which interacted to reduce the amount of fruit buds.

Moderate temps in January did not allow the trees to become fully dormant, leaving buds susceptible to the extremely cold days we experienced in February. This was followed by warmer temps in March which encouraged early bud growth. Many of those buds were stunted by colder than usual temperatures in April (coldest April in 108 years!). We had a respectable amount of apple blossoms but many were weak and dropped off due to the cold resulting in a smaller than normal fruit set.

The good news is that the Honeycrisp and Macoun trees, in particular, have the best crop. We should have a decent amount of Liberty, Redcort, Jonamac, Jonathan, Golden Delicious, Cameo and Braeburn as time goes on. Our Macintosh and Cortland crops are quite small. Our Gala crop is basically non-existent. There will be some apples from the heirloom varieties, but not a lot.

Late season varieties are ripening now, but there aren't a lot of apples to harvest. Please call 860 654 1590 or email applebrookfarm@cox.net to get current info.




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